In the future, Saimaan Norpat will organize diving courses whenever needed and with customized schedules. The course can therefore be taken flexibly with a very small number of participants. If you are interested in the course, please contact the club’s training team responsible.

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Here’s a comprehensive overview of the various CMAS Diving Training courses:

Saimaan Norpat Sports Diving Association offers training in snorkeling and scuba diving in accordance with CMAS standards.
We train both novice divers and offer extensive CMAS continuing education for club members.
Safe and comfortable diving requires proper training and practice. Diving training programs progress step by step and are based on the principle of continuous training. A diver can develop his or her own skills according to his or her needs and interests throughout his or her diving career.
Basic courses teach basic skills in the sport, advanced courses deepen diving knowledge and skills, and various special courses and skill training provide in-depth familiarization with individual aspects of diving.

Intro scuba diving experiment for those interested in the sport

The scuba diving experiment is by nature an experience and an opportunity to get to know a new hobby. The scuba diving test does not provide the ability to practice scuba diving independently, but requires a basic scuba diving course. In a scuba diving experiment, the participant is taught only those essential things that are needed in the experiment. Anyone over the age of 12 can participate in the scuba diving experiment. Participation under the age of 18 must be signed by a guardian. All you need with you is a swimsuit and a little sense of adventure.

Basic Course P1 CMAS One Star Diver for Beginner Divers

Basic course P1 One Star Diver for beginner divers. Under the guidance of skilled trainers, it is safe to start a hobby. The goal of the One Star Diver course is to teach basic scuba diving skills to new divers. A diver who has successfully completed the course has the ability to dive straight up in a depth range of 10-20 meters, using compressed air as breathing gas. Completion of an approved course entitles you to an internationally recognized diver’s card that is valid for life.

Advanced Course P2 CMAS Two Star Diver Advanced Diving Course

Advanced course P2 Two Star Diver scuba diving advanced course for divers. Deepen learned knowledge and skills. The goal of the Two Star Diver course is to further develop the basic scuba diving skills learned in the CMAS One Star Diver course and to introduce the diver to more advanced scuba diving skills such as intermediate diving, night diving, etc. A diver who successfully completes the course will be able to dive to a depth of 20-30 meters at the lowest possible level of risk.

Advanced Course P3 CMAS Three Star Diver

The goal of the in-depth P3 Three Star Diver course is to further develop the scuba diving skills of experienced CMAS Two Star Diver divers and familiarize them with the scuba diving skills required for demanding dives, such as making dives that require mandatory stage stops. A diver who successfully passes the course has the ability to stage dive in a depth range of 30-40 meters at the lowest possible risk level. The CMAS Three Star Diver course also introduces the basics of diving management.

CMAS Drysuit Diver

Drysuit Diver Course The Drysuit Diver course teaches the basics of dry suit diving and prevents the most common risks associated with diving.

CMAS Enriched Air Nitrox Diver

The goal of the Enriched Air Nitrox Diver Mixed Gas Diving course is to introduce novice or carded scuba divers to the theory and practice of nitrox diving.

Diving Safety CMAS Rescue Diver special course

CMAS Rescue Diver is a special course in diving safety. This is one of the most important courses where diving safety is at the heart of the whole course. The course is also a basic requirement for the P3 course. The goal of the Rescue Diver course is to develop the knowledge of carded divers about the most common dangers and emergencies in scuba diving, to teach them how to prevent diving accidents, and to improve their rescue and rescue skills.

Ice Diving Course CMAS Ice Diver

The course teaches how to dive safely under ice. The goal of the Ice Diver course is to familiarize advanced trainers with the theory and practice of ice diving. An Ice Diver-certified diver has the knowledge and skills to design and implement safe ice dives as a pair of dives of an equivalent level or better trained.

CMAS Technical Skills special course

The goal of the CMAS Technical Skills course is to develop the essential skills needed to perform technical dives of all levels. It is recommended that you complete this course before participating in other technical diving training.

CMAS Sidemount Diver special course

The goal of the CMAS Sidemount Diver course is to provide basic instruction in open water sidemount diving for divers of all levels. The course will develop an understanding of the ideology and possibilities of sidemount diving, as well as develop the practical skills needed to perform sidemount dives in open water. The CMAS Sidemount Diver course is a basic level special course.

Back to the water / dive in Finland refresher course

The goal of the Back to the Water Update is for a previously trained diver, regardless of his or her level of carding or which training organization card he or she holds, to update his or her knowledge and skills so that he or she is able to plan and perform safe dives again with at least the same level of trained diver.

Snorkel diving course

Snorkeling is snorkeling with basic equipment such as a mask, fins and snorkel. The snorkel diving course is suitable for almost everyone, regardless of age or physical condition. However, at least helpful swimming skills are essential.