Equipment and rental

Diving equipment

The club owns more than a dozen dive equipment packages. The aim is to renew the equipment annually within the limits allowed by the current budget in order to keep the equipment up-to-date and safe. In this way, we are also able to arrange equipment diving for the basic course participants to use the appropriate equipment for the duration of the course. Diving equipment is also available for rent for the members of the association.

Basic equipment such as a mask, snorkel, fins, suit and weight belt are personal diving equipment that we recommend you get for your own fitness and safe pursuit.


L & W Silent The fixed location of the 200/300 bar compressor is in Tapavainola, Lappeenranta, at the club’s diving center (Myllyntie 11). The compressor has a 2 x 200 bar + 2 x 300 bar filling head and is equipped with a Puraco humidity control system. This machine is mainly used for the air supply of the club.

The Bauer Oceanus 200/300 bar is a portable internal combustion engine compressor that is also stored in the dive center. The device was acquired in 2002 and is often involved in club diving camps and events. The device is also available for membership to rent for their own excursions. However, so that club events take precedence.

The Bauer Capitano 200 bar is another portable compressor from the club, equipped with either an electric or internal combustion engine, depending on the current operating needs.

Air maintenance on the club’s compressors is free of charge for club members during club events and weekly dive departures. At other times, those who need air refills can pay a one-time refill fee of € 10 or pay an annual fee of € 40 at a time. The filling rights are personal and always apply to bottles owned by the member, ie you cannot fill a bottle of a friend who is not a member of the association, for example.


In diving events, camps and as a connecting boat to the base, the Master 540 aluminum boat is powered by a 115 hp Honda. The boat is registered for 7 people and has already proven to be suitable for diving both in terms of performance and facilities.

Rental Prices

Diving equipment packagesPrice for a memberPrice for non-member
Day10 euros10 euros
Week20 euros120 euros
Month50 euros
Season200 euros


Annual fee for pneumatic filling for a member 40 euros.

ProductPrice for a memberPrice for non-member
200 bar or 300 bar / fill10 euros10 euros
Portable compressor 300bar
Day20 euros40 euros
3 days40 euros
7 days100 euros
10 days140 euros

Wetsuits for juniorsPrice for a member
Day1 euro
Week4 euros
Month10 euros