Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is diving in which dive equipment (such as, scuba tank, regulator, buoyancy control device etc.) as an aid. Ordinary compressed air is most commonly used as the breathing gas. The scuba diver is able to spend relatively long periods below the surface, for example, exploring nature or shipwrecks, taking photos or videos, or just enjoying the peace and sense of weightlessness of the underwater world.

Saimaan Norpat trains scuba divers from experimental or intro diving to the instructor level.

Finnish diving is especially known for wreck diving. Over time, the dilapidated routes of our waters have been devastated by hundreds, if not thousands, of ships. Old wooden shelves have been preserved exceptionally well in inland waters and in the Baltic Sea. There are wrecks in all water areas and at all diving depths, so there are suitable levels for both beginners and more advanced divers.

Through our club, it is possible to try to experience the wonderful world of scuba diving through intro dive. In the intro, a person who does not have scuba diving training receives a short quick lesson on scuba diving and, as a pair of dive instructor, gets to dive with equipment in a swimming pool or open water. Intro-diving is a safe way to get acquainted with sports diving and its equipment. If you are interested in trying scuba diving, contact the training. An intro-event is also organized for groups.


As a warning, however, we announce that even a small experiment can cause a serious addiction to the diving hobby:)