On a Saimaa’s island is a little hut,
On the stairs sits Nestori Miikkulainen.
He plays his harmonica and a seal
Rises to the surface with a splash.”

Juha Vainio

Welcome to the web-nest of Saimaan Norpat Sportdiving registered association

We wish you Happy Dive Year 2022!

In a bubble… Picture: Ismo Marttinen


Telkkälä mine is restricted from diving. There is a high risk for cave in.

Let’s dive in out other, beautiful sites safely!

Our active enthusiasts include scuba divers, freedivers, scuba divers and scuba divers. In addition, the association organizes junior activities.

Our association trains scuba divers to different levels. Nowadays, the aim is to tailor the courses to the participants’ own use of time and can be organized even for a small number of participants.

We perform small-scale diving tasks, such as picking up objects that have fallen into the water. For help, call our city-duty-number 

 040 554 5556 (put a text message if the call is not answered).

During the summer, the association’s activities focus on weekly dives and excursions for scuba divers and the Kangas-Teljo base. The association’s indoor swimming shifts run in September-May.

Welcome to Saimaan Norpat activities!

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