Free diving

Free diving is diving without aids. In free diving, fins and a mask are most often used, but even without fins, you can do well, up to the level of competition. The mask is enough and the swimwear / suit is good enough. In addition, those who have tried the sport a few times find that in pool species, neck weight is a useful piece of equipment, as it cancels out the buoyancy of the water and the diver can only focus on progress. The sport is a great way to relax and rarely there is a need to attract sleep after a workout.

A good place to learn more about the sport is Free Diving Team of Finland website.

There are a few freediving enthusiasts in Saimaan Norpat, one of whom has even competed in the sport, in the World Cup .

There are several different types of freediving listed in the list below. In the winter, it is good to practice length sports and technique during the club’s hall shifts. On Thursday’s hall shift, one track is dedicated to freedivers.

If you are interested in the sport and would like more information, please contact the contest teams responsible person kilpailu (at) (change (at) to @).

Pool Sports:

Static apnea (colloquially Static) – In this sport a diver holds his breath and floats face down in the water. Usually a wet suit is used to combat the cold. Swimming goggles and a nose clip are also popular aids in this sport.

Dynamic apnea (colloquially dyna) – Long dive in the pool with fins.

Dynamic apnea no fins (colloquially dnf) – Long dive in the pool without fins.

Depth sports:

Constant weight – A classic depth sport where you can dive as deep as possible by swimming as deep as possible.

Free immersion
– A type of depth in which “climbing” along a rope by hand.

Variable weight – Downhill dive with sled or extra weights and upward will come on its own. Show sport, no official contests.

No limits – The sport goes down the sled and comes up using a lifting ball. Show sport, no official competitions. The most dangerous of the sport types.