Youth activities

The youth section of the Saimaan Norpat Sports Diving Association organizes activities for children and young people.

Saimaan Norpat have activities in the ‘Kuutit‘ -Group of under-school children and in two ‘Norppa‘-Groups (primary school children). In addition, there is a separate Seal (‘Hylje‘)-Group for older Juniors, which started operating in the end of the year 2020. Juniors are also actively involved in the underwater rugby shift, which is on Thursdays from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

The participating junior must have the Basic Equipment (mask, snorkel, fins).

The steering fee is moderate (last invoiced in autumn 2019 € 25) and in addition to this, the participant must become a member of the club (membership fee € 35 and membership fee € 20) in order to attend the club’s hall shifts. Swimming Hall visits are paid according to the city’s price list.

Those interested in junior activities can contact the youth manager directly (nuoriso(at) Seats are currently limited and guided activities discontinued at the moment.

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youth activities team responsible, Jussi Nuutinen,